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Earn Coins while following, subscribing, donating, rating & watching small channels.

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Use Coins to let other people generously watch & rate your channel.


Learn what to improve to satisfy your viewers & grow a huge channel!

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beta announcement

hey there! This platform is currently in development. The official launch will be in August 2018.
The open beta will go live on July 1st, the dashboard is disabled until then.
If you have ideas, any critics or find a bug, feel free to reach out and report anything to me!

Hope you are having a great time & please stay patient.

With lots of


Why would I use this service?

It's pretty hard to get some exposure as a small streamer, especially in the beginning you have no chance to compete with the big players. 80% of the streams have an average of 5 Viewer, while bigger streamers get more than 70% of all viewers. To fix this problem, you can support other small streamers while growing your own with the coins you make while supporting them.

Is it free?

This service is 100% free, it's a project in which I believe is a pretty good solution to get more attention and tighten the community.

How does it work?

You have a pool participating Users, you can freely choose on who to view while the viewer destribution is still fair in regard to coins paid. While watching, you have the following options to earn coins:

actively watch stream: 10 coins per 10 minutes
actively use the chat: 10 coins per 10 messages per 10 minutes
follow the streamer: 50 coins
donate to the streamer (any amount): 100 coins
cheer for the streamer (any amount): 50 coins
rate the streamer (min. 30 minutes watched): 50 coins

You can use these coins to get active viewers yourself, more in "How much coins do i need to get viewers".

How much coins do i need to get viewers?

You need 100 coins in order to "bind" viewers to your channel for 1 hour. You get exposed procentual to your paid in coins in relation to all coins in this hour.

Short example: You paid in 400 coins. 9600 coins are in the pool, so your stream is viewed by 4% of the currently logged in Users. If there are 2000 Users online, that'll make a viewer count of 80 ACTIVE Viewers who are willing to follow, donate & be active in the chat. With that Viewercount, you'll get ahead to the first pages.

Is there a followercap?

In phase 1, I decided to not put a cap up. More to be announced

Where do I sign up?

Simple! Just click on the dashboard button on the top-right of the screen. You don't need to register, just log in with your twitch account! You will be ask to authorize the app to read your username & email from twitch, since it is necessary for pulling informations about wether you are streaming or watching a stream.

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Please let me know if you encounter any problem. If you like the idea & want to support me feel free to donate to my twitchchannel. Any help is appreciated :^)